About Attorney Daniel Lehnert

„Iustitia et oeconomica”

I’ve always had a strong sense of justice and economical thinking, and this equally. Both drives me to make full use of your rights in court or out of court. In close cooperation with tax advisers, notaries and lawyers about the expert, I offer advice, that means: Extensive problem solutions for you as a business or private individual.

As a lawyer for the weak I represent single mothers and juvenile delinquents in various public facilities, including on the topics of debt, family law and juvenile justice. This experience taught me to put myself into position of people who have social problems and go through economic hardships.

As a freelancer for a mid-sized law firm I worked at the Berlin Kurfürstendamm commercial on law cases with emphasis and on the private construction law and condominium law. Here I had to hold the own mandate handling procedures and closed these cases successfully.

Even as a law clerk, I was asked by friends and neighbors to exercise those legal interests, particularly in the areas of contract law, tenancy law and copyright law. Here I could enforce successfully against experienced lawyers, landlords and brazen warning attorneys.

Due to my experiences abroad, inter alia Legal Assistant in a prestigious Manhattan law firm in New York City, I learned the use and application of the U.S. Case-Laws with a focus on tort law and criminal law worthy to know and appreciate. This knowledge allows me to look after U.S. citizens and other English-language boards – often artists in the field of intellectual property or contract rights from here on to attend.

To act as a transcontinental lawyer I intend the completion of the American Bar Exams, and the acquisition of international law degree, a Master of Law (L.LM.) according to the prestigious law school at the Ohio State University.

As a station clerk of the biggest prison in Germany (JVA Tegel) I learned how to deal with all parties of the prison, this is now my benefit as a defender in the penal law. During my law studies at the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main, I worked as a junior consultant in a company consulting the construction industry.
There I was able to reap real expertise as to terms of cost and feasibility and product communications.

Further economic knowledge I acquired as a freelancer for an international management company specialized in Event Consulting.
Here I worked on various tasks concerning investment promotions and site analysis for the Ministry of Economics of Baden Württemberg. My part-time job as a law lecturer at the School of Economics and Law allows me multiplying my knowledge and pass it on to young people in matter to explain abstractive and tangible.

In addition to the teaching of criminal law at the Faculty 05 (commissioner candidate of the police academy), I here offer my knowledge in the fields of police law as well as law and order in the general criminal law.

As part of a weekend retreat held course I prepare students for the completion of the semester final exam using practice exams and pesenting solutions.

The publication of a separate textbook in the field of criminal procedure is planned.

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